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Born in February 2020, Paisley is the daughter of Sophie and Grand Champion show dog Blue from Stoneledge Goldens in South Dartmouth, MA. She is true to her breeding, and has a calm and playful personality.  She is a well rounded girl and loves playing chase with other dogs and just as content snuggling in front of the TV.  She is strong in both mind and body.  Paisley is the only female in our breeding program 



Sophie is from Lily's first litter in May 2017.   She is very active and loves to swim and go on hikes.  When she is not outside playing, she spends her inside time taking each toy out of the toy box and proudly encourages the other dogs to play chase with her. Sophie is now retired from our breeding program and spends her days living at Mystical Stables farm in Raymond NH.  




Lily is the daughter of Tova's October 2014 litter.  She is very curious and enjoys tracking down chipmunks and squirrels in our yard.  She patiently waits for her next playtime with brother Jasper.  Lily has now been retired from our breeding program.  She has champion bloodlines and has scored excellent in her breeding health checks.  






This is Tova. She has a wonderful personality, and is very sweet and sensitive. She loves all people and other dogs. In all she has a calm, gentle personality and is a very people-oriented dog. She is the mother of our previous litters which yielded beautiful healthy puppies.  Tova is the mother of both of our other dog,  Lily and Jasper and is the grandmother of our girl Sophie and Great Grandmother of Paisley.  Born in 2010, she enjoys her retired life.  




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